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Cam girls with issues often turn to webcam sites to feel validated. These girls often have difficulty connecting with their fathers, which leaves them with strong feelings of inadequacy, while feeling empty inside, and chock-full of self-doubt as well. To fill the void, a teen cam girl with Daddy issues may seek out men who provide them with that necessary validation and all the attention in the world that they so desperately crave.

The dynamics of being a cam model are also an appealing coping mechanism for these damaged individuals. The interactions they have with customers instill a sense of control in them, which allows them to take back the power that was once taken from them. Also, camming only requires a basic knowledge of how the Internet works, which frees them from the trappings of traditional jobs that could stir up those feelings of inadequacy. This provides a sense of comfort as well as a sense of purpose, too, that Daddy’s issues can often take away.

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