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Everyone knows there’s nothing quite as arousing as watching two women having sex, but not everyone knows where to go to find the hottest lesbian pornstars. That’s why IFL Porn has put together a scintillating list of those lesbo pornstars that have that very special something every guy’s looking for. On it you’ll find such cock-hardening performers as Jana Cova, recent winner of Best All Girl Scene, and relative newcomer to the business Shyla Jennings, who herself has recently snagged All-girl Performer of the Year. With award winning babes like this on the roster, shouldn’t you be checking it out? After all, if you’re a lesbo lover (and who isn’t?), you may as well be rubbin’ it off to the best lesbian pornstars out there.

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Life on the road can be such a drudgery without someone to relax with at the end of the day, someone to ease the stress and add some spice to a painfully bland business trip. That’s where South London Escorts comes in. We all know there’s only one solution for the tedium of business travel, and if your destination is London, the girls here are certain to add a large measure of sizzle to your trip. Gorgeous and personable, with many appreciable talents, these pleasing packages cater to the road weary businessman. There’s never any need to be bored and alone in England’s capitol. When you’re looking for great escorts, South East London is a veritable cornucopia of intimate companionship.

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It’s obvious that you’re a lover of cam girls, and we’re mighty glad you’re enjoying the site here, but have you ever thought about trying something a little more real? Cam shows are great, but for a change of pace, why not order yourself up an escort? There’s some pretty hot and horny companionship out there, and not even the best cam show in the world can beat those electrifying in-the-flesh moments of a face-to-face sexual encounter. If you’re located in London, we can even suggest an agency that will cater to your needs, with gorgeous women who have the talents to shake up your night. You can check them out at

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If you’re looking for a cam show, we can’t find fault with you, but do you know that many cam girls are also escorts? Yep, that’s right, you can actually interact with those luscious pieces of womanhood up close and in person. Now we’re not saying that you’ll be able to hook up with your favorite performer, but we feel we’d like to put in a good word for our compatriot companions who make men feel the love, especially when they’re away from home. To that end, we want to introduce you to Escorts North London, an agency that excels at making clients happy. The girls are everything you’d expect from a high end establishment—gorgeous, articulate and amorous, with a heaping helping of talent when it comes to satisfying the male libido—and the utmost discretion is assured. Of course, you have to be in London to enjoy the exemplary services of these fine specimens, and maybe you are, but either way, at least now you know; if you want to enjoy the finest females and the best bangs, Escorts North London has both, in spades.

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PORN Usage In The Modern Age

Nice little post from DoubleD over at the that details who is watching what, and on what kind of device are they watching it on.

To find out what the numbers reveal, read the full article here: PORN Usage In The Modern Age.

Free long videos for ass lovers

As an ass lover, by now you’ve probably been to every free ass porn site on the internet looking for decent content that runs long enough to get you off. So much of the free ass material out there is only moments long, and the stimulation period always comes up short. We feel your pain, and that’s why we suggest going to to get the back ends your front end needs. It’s free—you don’t even need to sign up—and the flicks are lengthy enough to get the job done. For no charge, decent quality, long ass porn xnxx videos, Pornion’s a worthwhile destination.

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