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How to make girls getting naked comfortable online

Let’s face it there are so many free cam shows out there the chances of you watching girls getting naked are very high. In fact, it’s guaranteed if you use this great site. The problem is you need to get them comfortable or else they’re not going to take their clothes off. You have to remember that most of these cam programs make their money through a waiting game. They basically bore the guys into waiting and waiting for a girl to show some titty, to take off her panties or otherwise put on a little show and tease the guys.

This can take forever and everybody knows this. That’s why they’re all waiting for that one guy with a fat wallet to whip out that credit card and pay for everybody else’s entertainment. It’s really funny to realize this but the problem is if you don’t have all the time in the world to wait for that to happen then you need to get your game down. I am of course talking about figuring out how to make girls getting naked in front of you feel comfortable. The best way to do this is a simple trick. In fact, this is not a trick at all. In fact everybody should be doing this by default.

I am of course talking about respect. If you respect the chick you’re not going to insult her. If you respect her you’re not going to make all sorts of vulgar jokes. You’re just going to let her do her thing and talk to her like you would be talking to somebody who’s perfectly normal and somebody that you come across every single day. Treat people with respect and you would be surprised as to the awesome show that they would put on. If you treat them with disrespect or otherwise treat them like they’re dirty or doing something wrong then you’re going to be in for a nasty time.